August 20, 2015

The Low Down

The main reason I started this blog was for my readers (obviously).  I want this to be a place where:
1.) I can feel safe to post random exerpts and ideas and whole chapters of stories that I might never even post if I want to.
2.) Readers can come here and get those things I mentioned previously, and also let me know what they want.  It's difficult being an author for readers who get to read the story as it's developing.  Posting to wattpad allows me to get feedback in realtime and that can be pretty scary sometimes.

I posted a new story to Wattpad the other day and so far a few people have let me know what they think about it, which is very much appreciated, but I get worried when only a couple people comment on a story because I can't figure out why nobody else is.  It doesn't have as much to do with wanting everybody to tell me how amazing I am (though that would be great!), as much as it does me just wanting to know how others feel about it.

So yeah, anyways, if you want to give the story a shot, click HERE, or head on over to my wattpad page and click on These Calluses.

xo, Marriah

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